Passion and a pride for what we do



jamesFor me, true craftsmanship comes from passion and a pride for what you do and the work you produce.   

We only work with sustainably sourced, solid wood and find that working with the wood by hand imparts unique and individual qualities to each piece of furniture we make.






Choice of finishes

The majority of our clients choose painted cabinets, however an oiled, natural finish can enhance the grain beautifully and look stunning. Hand painted kitchens are primed to receive 4 coats of eggshell paint which is carefully applied to give a smooth, beautiful and hardwearing finish.  This type of finish is easily kept clean with a soft soapy cloth.


The quality of construction

We build the furniture one piece at a time, using traditional woodworking techniques and the best materials.  You can expect the following quality from our work:

  • Solid pine carcass
  • The fascias are mortice and tenoned
  • Solid wood frames and doors
  • Brass butt hinges
  • Dovetailed drawer fronts and soft close runners
  • Adjustable shelves (brass fittings)
  • Solid wood plinths and cornice
  • A choice of hand painted or natural finish
  • Hand painted kitchens have an eggshell finish, with 4 coats applied
  • A choice of granite and wood worktops




Solid Granite

Recent improvements in stone technology make granite an affordable and realistic choice of worktop.  Not only does granite look stunning, it provides a tough, durable and heatproof surface and will add value to your home.  Choose from a beautiful range of natural finishes.


Solid Wood

Naturally beautiful, solid wood will add warmth and character to your kitchen that looks more beautiful with age.  Wooden worktops require more care and attention than Granite – you will need to protect the surface from hot pans and it will require regular oiling to maintain its appearance.  However, this is little bit of extra care is worth it for the beauty it brings to the kitchen.