Our service is all inclusive, from design through to installation

James Bird is the person you deal with every step of the way.  He consults with you in the beginning,  draws up your plans and builds and fits your new kitchen with a small team of craftsmen.

Your kitchen is probably the heart of your home, the meeting place where your family does a great deal of its day-to-day living.  We bear all this in mind and work with you to give you a kitchen designed for living and not for rigid functionality.

Planning together

James comes to your home to take a look at the space and listen to your ideas.  Once plans have been discussed and budgets agreed, he draws up by hand a plan of the kitchen indicating where everything will go and to show you just how your new kitchen will look.

One of the best things about a bespoke kitchen compared to “off the shelf” kitchens where there is no flexibility on unit size, is that awkward or problem areas are easily worked around.  We will design and build the kitchen to proportions that suit the space.

If between us we feel that some alteration to the space is necessary, perhaps a wall needs to move or a door needs repositioning, we can advise you on this and put you in touch with first class local builders who could do this work for you.

We can recommend tilers, electricians & plumbers or can work with those you choose yourself.  Alternatively, we can offer complete project management or you might like to project manage these aspects of the job yourself.